Pink Dragon Lean Protein

Get the vegan chocolate protein to boost your results and the protein we use in our recipes

Collagen Hot Chocolate

A tasty and cream hot chocolate, that is high in protein, fibre and collagen! Plus, it is low in calories.

3 Day Detox

Start the program on the right path the 3 Day Detox. Designed to flatten your stomach and help you lose up to 7 pounds, in 3 days!

Delicious Pink Dragon Cookbook

What you eat is the most crucial part of your success. Do you want the best results?

Meal Prep Book

Grab the Meal Prep Plan to cover all your meals, whether following a regular or vegan diet. We’ve taken care of everything for you

ULTRADEFINE Toning Program

When you have finished the ULTRABURN program, let’s get you focusing on toning your entire body with the UltraDefine program.